Baby’s Happy, Until Daddy Speaks 1 Word. His “Pouty” Lip Is The Best One Ever Recorded

We all have personality traits that may seem a little odd to others – but that’s what makes us unique! Even though Adam is just a few months old, he already has a personality as bright as his smile. However, there’s one thing that can wipe the smile straight off Adam’s face and it all has to do with one simple word! Thank goodness Dad thought to film this silly quirk and share it online for the world to see!

Even though Adam’s reaction seems to be unfounded, that may not be the case exactly! In fact, Slate explains that word aversion is something totally normal in human beings. It’s the reason why so many people don’t like the word “moist” or other random phrases. It’s not due to the definition of the word, but the sound of the word and the way it rolls off the tongue. This very well may be the reason why Adam doesn’t like when Dad says “yay.” Since Adam is far too young to comprehend the meaning of “yay,” the only reasonable explanation is word aversion!

The moment Dad speaks the dreaded word, Adam breaks out into tears and can’t stop crying. His bubbly personality quickly switches to all-out hysteria and his sobbing won’t stop! This odd personality trait is something that leaves Mom and Dad scratching their heads (and giggling a little). Take a peek at this silly video for yourself by pressing “play” below. It’s hard not to wonder whether Adam’s aversion to “yay” will still be there when he’s big and grown!