Flower Girl Dances During The Wedding Reception, Crowd Can’t Stop Laughing When The Song Switches

Being a flower girl is a great responsibility! You’re supposed to carry a big, heavy basket of flowers and spread them along the ground so the bride can walk down the aisle feeling like a princess!

The pressure to do the job well can lead to some pent-up energy, just like it did for this sweet little girl! The moment she was able to let loose on the dance floor, she took things to the next level and made her presence one to remember…


The first song that began to play over the loudspeakers was “Baby” by Justin Beiber. Even though she was clearly in the mood to dance alone, a grown-up tried to get in her way and dance with her.

She definitely didn’t want any of that and moved out of the way so she could dance by herself! The guests cracked up as she tried to wiggle her way around the dancefloor to avoid boogying with a partner.

Sensing the shift in mood and the flower girl’s desire to dance the night away, the DJ turned on a hit that was sure to make the little one smile! “Baby” quickly faded out and the upbeat pop song “Gangnam Style” by PSY started to play – this was clearly what the flower girl wanted to listen to!


As soon as “Gangnam Style” started to play over the speakers, she perked up and began to do the iconic dance like a pro! She started to prance, shake and shimmy with such vigor that her pink satin bow came off. Instead of being deterred by the undone bow or the guest who tried to dance with her earlier approaching her again, the flower girl kept going with even more energy!

It was her time to dance and she wasn’t going to let anything get in her way! Thank goodness everyone had their phones out and were able to capture this hilarious moment forever.


Watch this flower girl’s fun dance for yourself by pressing “play” below.