Hear ‘Drummer Boy’ Like Never Before, In Spine-Tingling Performance Of Christmas Classic

The “Little Drummer Boy” is a classic Christmas tune that’s known all around the world, and it hasn’t changed much since it was originally written. It’s usually sung with soft lilt to the voice, and although one of the mainstays of the song is the beating of the drums, it doesn’t overpower the tune. Lots of musicians have done their own version of this song, but this incredible cover of “Little Drummer Boy” from Christian pop group King & Country is like nothing else you’ve ever heard before!

Sure, there’s a drummer, and he’s a boy – but, that’s where the similarities end! In this live performance from Phoenix (which is also featured on their new Christmas album) we can hear the crowd roar as Luke Smallbone opens up the song with the pulsating tapping of a marching band drum. The spotlight is on him, and the stage around him is dark. But, as soon as we hear the electric strings of a guitar pierce the air, that’s when everything lights up like magic!

As the other musicians in the band start jamming away on a cello and super-sized stage drum, it’s clear that this is meant to be a rock song. But, your eyes will go wide with surprise the minute you hear Joel start crooning the familiar “Come they told me, pa rum pum pum pum.” Brothers Joel and Luke somehow managed to take an old fashioned Christmas carol and turn it into something that even today’s youth can appreciate. Watch the video below to see this spine-tingling performance, and get ready to tap your feet to the powerfully unique “pa rum pum pum pum.”