Jennifer Nettles’ Mashup Of ‘Hallelujah’ And ‘O Holy Night’ Is Sending Chills Down Everyone’s Spine

Watch the pure joy on Jennifer Nettles’ face while she sings, and you will feel the warmth of Christmas time. Her voice is powerful, but it’s the fact the she gives it her all that makes this performance so moving to the people who watch. Those who have known Jennifer say that she is a kind and compassionate individual, and when you see this performance, her genuineness shows through.

A holiday classic like O Holy Night combine with the late Leonard Cohen’s beloved single is genius. Almost everyone who hears ‘Hallelujah’ feels the warmth of this tune that is so well-known. The effect is contagiously joyous. What could be better at Christmas?

Jennifer Nettles’ Christmas album is all about celebration. But for this live performance at SiriusXM, Jennifer gave the crowd a special medley with a twist of country. If you have ever enjoyed Jennifer’s incredible voice, you will be cheering along with the crowd when she begins singing Hallelujah!