Mom Says Baby Brother Is On Santa’s Naughty List, Sisters Response Is One Mom Will Never Forget

“He’s making a list, and checking it twice – gonna find out who’s naughty or nice!” In an effort to maintain the peace in our households, and ensure that children everywhere are listening to their parents (right up through December 25th), we are constantly reminding our little ones that Santa is watching! This is the time of year when we look back and recall how we’ve behaved, hoping that our good deeds outweigh the mistakes we’ve made, so we don’t find ourselves on Santa’s naughty list. The little girl in the following video is well aware that Santa has been watching her and her siblings, and she makes a desperate plea to her mother to help save Christmas…

What makes this heart-warming scene so very special is that Rachel, the little girl in the video, isn’t worried about being on the naughty list herself – she’s concerned about the fate of her brother. According to the mother, Rachel’s younger brother had been misbehaving on this particular evening. And because of his poor behavior, will most likely be put on the naughty list. Rachel is so upset and hurt by the thought of her little brother not making Santa’s good list, that she begs and pleads with her mom to please intervene in the list-deciding process. You can definitely tell what kind of sister she is from watching the footage.

When Rachel’s mother asks who she’s supposed to call to help put the little brother on the good list, Rachel responds ever so innocently and sincerely with, “The elves.” Throughout this adorable Christmas video, the back and forth naughty list conversation between this mother and her young daughter is too sweet for words. Watch, smile, and enjoy as this Santa-focused scene is certain to warm your heart and restore your child-like faith in the “jolly old man” himself!