They Hand Mom Box with Bible & Card Inside. But Give Her Shock of Life with Next Surprise

The students of North Greenville University Athletics department have shown the world the true meaning of Christmas.

The student athletes, along with their coaches and members of the community came together to make Christmas possible this year for an unsuspecting family in need.

All caught on video, a mother and her children were presented with everything the community came together to give them, and it is absolutely heartwarming.

In the video, the mother is first surprised with a large gift box. Inside, there is a Bible and a card. The woman presenting her with the box instructs her to open the red card.

The mom opens the card to a gift card, but doesn’t immediately realize what is there.

When she finally sees the amount on the receipt, she is completely shocked.

But the surprises don’t stop there. The woman recording then reaches into the box and pulls out a stack of gift cards tied together with a bow.

She explains that the gift cards are for gas, Walmart, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

She also tells the mom that students from the school’s athletic department gave them to her so that she could have a nice Christmas for her kids this year.

At this point, the mom is in tears. But she truly has no idea what is coming next.

She looks off camera, and after a moment, breaks down sobbing.

A man off camera steps in beside her, presenting her with keys to a car.

The woman explains that a family in the community loved her and knew how much she needed the car, and decided to donate theirs to her.

In complete disbelief, the mom shakes her head and talks through sobs, barely able to hold the keys in her hand.

At the end of the video, the mom goes in to hug the woman behind the camera. The woman then tells her that there are even more surprises for her in the car!

While the video doesn’t show what surprises await the family in the car, the generosity of the students, coaches, and community is clear.

They went out of their way to help someone in their time of need, showing just how deeply God is working in their hearts and what this season of giving is all about.