They Say He​ Is “Too Ugly To Be Loved” But He’s Just As Sweet As Any Other Kitten

Little Romeo was abandoned after his brothers and sisters were all given away to good homes.

The reason?

“He was too ugly to be loved.”

The sweet little ginger kitten was waiting for his forever home when Laura Llacer of the Santuario Compassion Animal rescue center in Spain scooped him up off of the street and named him Romeo.

Since being brought into the rescue center, little Romeo has blossomed into a playful, affectionate kitten.

“He spends his days playing and calling the attention of the volunteers to listen to him,” they write. “It seems Romeo was a kitten to which no one wanted to give a home because they said he was ugly, and now people from all over the world have written us to ask for him. We hope that the story of Romeo will help to end up with a lot of prejudices and teach us that what is important, what unites us, is the desire to live.”

Scroll down to see the sanctuary’s video below!

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