Twins Steal A Bag Of Marshmallows From The Cabinet. Their Next Move Is Going Viral

Adventurous and curious babies love to explore and one of the best places to investigate is in the kitchen. This particular room has loads of cupboards to open and close with treasures hidden inside.

For one set of twins, the treasure they found not only is intriguing, but tasty, too! Great minds definitely do think alike – and nothing proves that better than these “mischievous” twins who discovered a big bag of marshmallows in the pantry.


Thankfully Dad is recording their big find and how ecstatic they are when they discover this tasty treat. He encourages them to open up the bag and see what’s inside.

One of the twins toddlers over to Dad and hands him the bag, making noises that can only mean, “Hey Dad! Open up this bag!” While Dad is fiddling with the clip on the bag and recording this adorable encounter, one of the twins smacks the plate!


Apparently Dad is just not moving fast enough for these two cuties. So Dad puts a couple of handfuls on the plate and encourages the kiddos to try one.

With a silly grin on their faces and marshmallows on their plate, the adorable duo chomps down on the best snack ever! The noises they make while sampling this treat is just too adorable.


For little ones like these twins, marshmallows are a safe and gentle snack on their newly forming teeth. The gelatin-based treat is a yummy add-in for s’mores, tastes delicious in its “fluff” version and is just as delectable eaten plain!

We totally get why these two get so excited about having a big bag of marshmallows all to themselves! It doesn’t take too long for the twins to polish off their plate of marshmallows.

Even though they taste great and are perfect for the teething stage, marshmallows should be given to little ones in small portions and they should be monitored the entire time because marshmallows pose an especially dangerous choking risk!

That’s why this loving dad is sitting close by and keeping an eye on his little ones! Their excitement is enough to make anyone want to snack on some marshmallows right now!


The best part is at the end of the video when the twins realize they’ve eaten all of their special treat! Watch and see what they do in the video below.